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The Tarot has been used for divination purposes for hundreds of years. You can use the Tarot on yourself and other people. When used on yourself, the Tarot can be an effective tool for self-development. Source Enlightens free Tarot resources are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced Tarot readers. Access our Tarot card meanings from the Major and Minor Arcana. If you want to learn Tarot card spreads, use our resources. Or, simply learn more about the Tarot with our free Tarot articles.

The Law of Attraction has been a hot topic for many years. Since the release of The Secret, more and more people are becoming interested in this universal law. By learning how to apply the law of Attraction correctly, you can create a more fulfilling life.

Did you know that your thoughts, beliefs and actions all have an equal effect on your life? Learn how to apply the Law of Attraction for a better life. Access our free tips and informative articles on this subject.

Several topics come under the umbrella of Spirituality. Ultimately, spirituality is about finding a purpose in life and transcending the self. Source Enlighten provides lots of articles on this topic, from eastern philosophy, to western alchemy and enlightenment. You can find all sorts of articles that will help you on your path to spirituality.

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