The Vegetarian Diet as a Portal to Spirituality

The Vegetarian Diet as a Portal to Spirituality

Vegetarian Diet, a Portal to Spirituality

The recent emergence of clean eating has piqued interest in the value of a natural simple plant based diet, yet it can be confusing. Is it the same as a vegetarian diet?  Boundaries between the various meatless diets have blended somewhat, but clean eating does not necessarily mean vegetarian.

So exactly what is a vegetarian as opposed to someone eating a clean diet?Health Benefits of Vegetarianism

A vegetarian is someone who rejects meat, or someone who won’t eat anything that has been killed, but will eat some animal products. Further still, a vegan vegetarian will not even consume bee products such as honey or pollen. Clean eaters on the other hand, will consume white meats such as chicken and fish.

As universal consciousness expands it is unsurprising that more of us should question what and how we eat. Awareness of how animals are treated to provide us with a food source has caused many to alter their eating habits. So, what are the health benefits that being a vegetarian can provide for us?

Health Benefits of Vegetarianism:

  • Long life and youthful vigour

One shining example of life long vegetarianism is Mimi Kirk, now 76 years old but looking much younger. She explains in her book, ‘Live Raw’, (1)

“Animal flesh takes a lot of energy and digestive juices to break down in the stomach and usually takes days to digest once eaten. “

Of course, simply removing meat from your diet will not make you healthy and forever young if you replace it with processed fake meat substitutes. The more natural your diet, the more advantageous it is to your health and vitality. When you eat a high plant based diet, you are feeding your body what it needs to work at its optimum capacity.

  • Increased immunity to disease

Plant foods are easy to digest, place far less strain on the system and also create an alkaline condition within your body. Meat (and  processed foods) cause a state of inflammation in the body, which aside from producing aches and pains, leaves you open to diseases taking hold. The health benefits of vegetarianism affect more than just your body however.

Vegetarian Spiritual Benefits

“It has been scientifically proven that plants react to thoughts, they are telepathic. If we take the energies of plants into our higher levels we will then naturally develop intuition and other subtle perceptions.” Abbot George Burke -Swami Nirmalanda Giri (2)

Peace, harmony, compassion and loving kindness, are all characteristics of our higher vibration. We are energetic beings of light, and because plants absorb sunlight, when we consume them this gets passed onto us. Conversely, if you eat animal flesh that has been filled with fear prior to killing, the same vibrations are absorbed into your body. Since ancient times yogis and Buddhists have recognized these facts, namely that the food we consume can either profit our spiritual enlightenment or hinder it. A vegetarian diet will you lead naturally and painlessly to a higher vibration.

1) Live Raw, Mimi Kirk, 2011

2) http://ocoy.org/original-yoga/how-to-be-a-yogi/spiritual-benefits-of-a-vegetarian-diet/

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