How to do a Tarot card reading for yourself?

How to do a Tarot reading for yourself?

Tarot ReadingTarot reading for yourself

You don’t have to be an expert to do a Tarot reading for yourself when you are starting out. But you do need to have the tools to help you. To start off, its best to get yourself a good set of Tarot cards and a Tarot book. I wouldn’t recommend anything too complicated to start off with, because there will be a lot of information to take in and learn.

I like The Druid Craft Tarot set, this is one of the Tarot card decks that I bought to help me when I started out Tarot reading. Even though I am a regular user of the Rider Waite deck, I found them more complex to read when I started learning. The Tarot cards in The Druid Craft Tarot set are beautiful, the imagery will help you to connect to the symbols and meanings of each card. The book provides you with a good foundation to help you learn, it includes a full set of Tarot card descriptions for each card as well as some background information on the Tarot and some lovely Tarot spreads with guidance. Both easier spreads to the more complex are included in this book.

You can also use this website to get free Tarot card meanings to help you.

Remember, don’t make the mistake of searching for too many Tarot card meanings to start because it can become confusing.

How to interpret Tarot cards?

So now you have your Tarot card deck and book, and you have familiarised yourself with the contents. Now you will need to connect with your new cards, remember to treat them with care. Wrap them up in silk and sleep with your Tarot cards to help you connect with them.

When interpreting Tarot cards, please read the book to give you a good foundation to start with. There are 78 Tarot card meanings to remember and interpret when you are giving a reading. This takes a lot of time to remember, purchase a cheat sheet if that helps you! You can pin it on a wall so that it sinks into your subconscious. You will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to recall a Tarot card meaning.

Once you have learned the basic foundations of each Tarot card meaning, now it’s time to use your own intuition to help you dive deeper into your meanings and interpretation.

The way I approach this is to practice giving myself a Tarot reading so I get to try out different spreads and interpret the cards in a different order.

Start off with a basic three card spread, for past, present and future events. Draw out your first card, this sits at the centre of the spread and represents the present and what is going on in your life now.

Now, identify whether it is a card from the Minor or Major Arcana. Remember the Minor Arcana represents things that happen to us or affect us in our daily lives. If it’s a card from the Major Arcana, this is something very meaningful and important. Possibly a life changing event or a transformation is going to happen.

What suit is the card from? If it’s a pentacle, then you know that pentacles deal with the earth element, so this card would represent either money, a career, time or business etc. Then identify the card number, is it an even or odd number? If you pull out a number 3 from the Minor Arcana, you will know that the threes connect to the Empress in the Major Arcana. The threes deal with things that are coming to fruition. Whereas if it’s a five, the fives connect to the Hierophant which is mostly about making moral decisions.

Now pull out the next card, this will lay to the left of the centre card and represents past events. Look at the symbol on the card, look at the relationship between the past and present cards, how are the cards communicating with each other? Rinse and repeat for your next card that represents the future.

Now, don’t pull out anymore Tarot cards for this spread. Sit for a moment and look at all three cards. Look at the images on all cards, the intricate details on the card, like flowers, colours and any ancient symbols. You will soon see a pattern emerging between the cards. The more you do this, the more you are training your intuition and psychic abilities. When using your intuition, and reading energies, feelings and thoughts will come to you. Just let yourself experience this and say what you feel when you are practising! You will soon perfect your technique the more you practice with the cards and you will be able to provide a more structured, professional reading in the future.

Tarot cards layout

Remember when you are ready for your next Tarot reading, practice with different Tarot card layouts. Keep working on your readings by giving yourself, close friends or family a reading, just make sure that you feel most comfortable around those you are practising with as you will start to pick up on subjects in the enquirers life which can be quite sensitive, you will need to learn how to handle these matters before you provide a professional reading.

Keep in mind that a layout and Tarot card spread can help you in your readings. The more you practice, the more confident you will get at providing readings and you will soon be creating your own spreads. It’s surprising how quickly you start to pick up on energies, ideas and events in someone’s life. Keep in mind that the Tarot cards train you to become psychic, it’s all a learning curve!

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