Death tarot card meaning and full tarot death card description.


Death tarot card Keywords: *Desire *Sex * Passion *Transition *Change 

What does the Death tarot card mean?

The Death tarot card shows a skeleton wearing armour and riding a white horse. The armour is symbolic of victory and becoming invincible. Death is ruled by the astrological sign of Scorpio, a water sign that is connected to death and sex, from this we can see the cards connection to life’s natural cycles of creation and destruction.

When we bring out the Death card in a tarot reading it can sometimes feel threatening. But for significant transformation to take place, the old must die. This card ultimately denotes rising again, rebirth, newness and purity.

The cycle of birth and death are unavoidable. This is ultimately what the Death card is about, passion and a desire for something new, death of the old and the transition into something greater.

The white horse on the Death card symbolises purity, Death is the ultimate purifier. The white rose on the banner that the Death card is holding and the sun in the background symbolises immortality. The sun seems to die each night but is born again new each morning.

What does the Death card represent?

When we bring out the Death card in a tarot reading this signifies an important chapter in your life, it means change, closure and going through a transition and putting the past behind you. This is a card which symbolises great change.

It could also indicate a need to eliminate excess in one’s life, or cutting out of your life something that no longer serves you, whether that is a job or a mindset that is not helping you.

The Death tarot card meaning in love can represent big changes in the relationship. This relationship will go through a transitional period which is needed to help it move forward and blossom. It could also indicate the breakdown of a relationship and the start of something new and better.

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