The Empress Tarot card meaning and tarot card description.

The Empress

The EmpressKeywords: Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance

The Empress tarot card meaning

The Empress card represents the feminine power, mother earth and fertility. She is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, creativeness, art, beauty, luxury and harmony.

The Empress is the third card in the major arcana and in roman scripture, the number three represents a gateway. The Empress is the doorway to which the earth came into creation. She represents Gaia, mother earth and the Tree of Life and she is also connected to the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor.

The Empress and The High Priestess are two opposite sisters. The Empress, unlike the High Priestess, relates to things that have manifested in the physical world.

She is a fair woman and she has a peaceful and calm aura. On her head she wears a crown of stars that shows her connection to the mystical realm. The Empress wears a robe dressed in pomegranates, representing fertility.

The Empress surrounded by beautiful, lush forests and a stream. This represents her connection to the earth. The Empress becomes peaceful and invigorated by nature.

What does it mean when you draw The Empress in a reading?

Drawing the Empress in a reading relates to a person who is a motherly. A nurturing person. The card could relate to a pregnancy or giving birth.

In a career reading, The Empress could represent a job that involves caring for other people. Or, working with children and nursing. It could even represent a job based in the outdoors or with the arts.

If you have been working on a business , drawing the Empress indicates that your company will expand. You will become abundant.

The Empress in a relationship spread

Drawing The Empress in a relationship spread is a positive sign, it represents love, harmony, good relations and appreciation.

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