The Fool tarot card meaning and full tarot card description.

The Fool

 The FoolKeywords: *Journey *Naivety *Impulsive

Fool tarot card meaning

The Fool in the tarot card is the number 0, the card can be interpreted as either the last or first card in the trumps. This card represents the souls journey through the major arcana. On the card, he is depicted as a carefree figure and someone full of potential.

What does the Fool represent?

The sun rises behind him and represents the start of his journey, he is looking up towards the sky. The white dog by his side is there for protection and is a guide on his journey. He is prepared for the journey ahead of him and his staff and tools are indicative of this. The white rose in his left hand is symbolic of innocence and purity. The mountains set behind the Fool represents the realms of the inner world that he has left.

What does it mean when you draw the Fool in a reading?

When the Fool is brought up in reading you will be starting out on a journey and expanding your horizons. You are now heading into the unknown. Be careful and be aware of your lack of insight or knowledge when starting this new journey.

This card could be interpreted in two ways, it could be telling you that you are acting on impulse or are living in the moment, you will need to be cautious and patient until you take your next step and be sure that you are fully prepared. It could also be telling you to let go and to stop worrying about something, try to have a more carefree attitude and outlook on life, have fun and faith.

All images in this article are courtesy of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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