High Priestess tarot card meaning and full card description.

The High Priestess

The High PriestessKeywords: Mysteries * Intuition * Psychic * Silence * Tenacity * Wisdom

The High Priestess tarot card meaning

The High Priestess, also known as Isis is connected to the number two. The two’s in the tarot represent things that are not visible to us and the inner mysteries of life.

The High Priestess is wearing the crown of Isis, symbolising the Triple Goddess of birth, life and death. Isis is the most powerful goddess in the Universe and she is the keeper of knowledge. Isis gives life, preserves life and can take it away.

The High Priestess sits between the two light and dark pillars of Solomon’s Temple, representing duality and guarding the inner mysteries. This is shown by the Tree of Life behind her, which suggests that she is the gatekeeper of the passage into the inner mysteries. The crescent moon that rests on her cloak symbolises hidden knowledge.

The blue robe also reinforces the notion of knowledge and secrecy. The holy book of the Tora and the crucifix are her magic weapons, the Torah denotes esoteric teachings and spiritual knowledge.

What does it mean when you draw the High Priestess in a reading?

Drawing the High Priestess in a reading represents  a time to use your intuition and psychic abilities. It can also relate to allowing events to proceed without intervening, relying on guidance from within, entering the unknown and seeking what is concealed.

Sometimes it can relate to a person that is attractive and seductive and who is in touch with their inner self, this person could even possess or start to develop psychic abilities.

If relating to a situation, the High Priestess could be urging you to become more passive and stay present. The card could be guiding you to follow your intuition or your gut and urging you to look into yourself for answers.

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