Temperance tarot card meaning and full description


tarot temperanceKeywords: *Mediation *Balance *Harmony *Knowledge

What does the Temperance tarot card mean?

The Temperance figure on the tarot card is an angel, the child of Hermes and the deity Aphrodite. The angel is a hermaphrodite; we can now see the connection of balancing genders in this card of the masculine and feminine principles.

The angel has her left foot on land, which is indicative of the material world. The other foot is in water, representing the emotional and subconscious realms.

The triangle placed on her chest, inside the square on her robe is representative of the female and feminine energy, it can also indicate the access of higher consciousness. The astrological sign which this card is connected to is Sagittarius, the teacher of truth, philosophy, higher thought and tolerance.

What does the Temperance card represent?

The Temperance is holding two chalices which connect to water. The water that is flowing between the cups is moving from the lower cup to the higher one, this denotes a time of rising from lower levels of consciousness and moving into the higher planes. The Temperance figure urges you to combine these opposites to find a balance and equilibrium to avoid the extremities of life.

When the Temperance tarot card is drawn in a reading it could indicate a need for compromise to achieve balance in a situation. You need to consider all sides of an argument or situation before you act. It also symbolises a need to foster corporation from others.

The Temperance tarot in a love reading symbolises a time for meditation and working together as a partnership.  It’s generally a good card to bring up because it concerns balance and equilibrium. The importance of working together in harmony to find “middle ground”.

It could also symbolise that you are going through a legal case or conflict in your life, in which a form of mediation is needed or that someone will come into your life with the knowledge to help you shed light on this situation.

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