The Devil tarot card meaning and tarot card description

The Devil

Tarot The DevilKeywords: *Materialism *Desires *Slavery *Bondage

The Devil tarot card meaning

The tarot Devil card shows a creature that is androgynous, half man and goat. A frequent symbol of the occult. The creature itself is a satyr.

The card is connected to the planet Saturn. The planet that rules all things on the earth plane, time, money, sex and materialism. It is also connected to the astrological sign Capricorn, the goat and a cardinal earth sign.

The Devil has the wings of a bat which is symbolic of drawing blood, the blood is life force energy. When we place our identity on all things material we literally become drained of energy. Above the Devil is an inverted pentagram, signifying the darker side of occultism and all things that are governed by the lower realms.

Beneath the Devil we see a male and female union, which connects to the Lovers card, only the union in the Devil card embodies servitude. The man and woman are sat at the Devils feet and are serving his needs. This exposes  the materialistic side of their nature.

The man and woman are chained. When we look closely, their chains are loose and both can leave at any time. This is voluntary servitude. They are serving the Devils desires, but unconsciously. If they woke up from this trance they could be released from the bondage.

Both the man and woman are wearing horns like the Devil and both have small tails. They are slowly morphing into this creature.  This is also indicative of our cardinal desires on this earth plane.

What does the Devil tarot card represent?

When the Devil tarot card is drawn in a reading it could represent feeling tied down against your will and  experiencing bondage. You could be allowing yourself to be controlled and feel like you are losing your independence.

It could also be indicative of suffering from some form of addiction which is causing you significant mental turmoil, you might feel trapped and that you can’t escape your situation, feeling hopeless like there is no way out. You could also be focusing your efforts on being caught up in the material aspects of life, such as worrying about your appearance, spending too much money, being shallow and overindulgence.

Whilst we can all enjoy material things it becomes a problem when we become consumed by these desires and we don’t take time out for spiritual practice. We all have the ability within us to control our cardinal desires, failing to do so leads us to become slaves to materialism. To escape this bondage, admit your situation and addiction, shine a light on it and practice spiritual observances. Alternatively, volunteer or do something that will take you away from focusing on your own desires.

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