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The Emperor

The EmperorKeywords: *Leadership *Protection *Regiment *Command *Paternal

The Emperor tarot card meaning

The Emperor is a masculine figure, the Animus and the Patriarch. He represents power, authority, the paternal and masculine. The Emperor sits on his throne, his long white hair signifies maturity and life experience. He is also referred to as the Lord in the Druid Craft tarot.

The Emperor is the archetype of a masculine figure of authority. From the way he is holding himself he is a man who has gained years of wisdom through life experience.

The throne that the Emperor is sitting on is decorated with the ram’s head. The Ram in astrology is connected to the sign of Aries, Aries is a fire and cardinal sign. This represents intellectual ability, initiation, action and leadership. In his right hand The Emperor holds the Ankh. To the Egyptians the Ankh was the symbol of life. In his left hand, The Emperor is holding an orb representing the Earth to which he rules over with The Empress. The Emperor’s red clothing represents his passion for life and the challenges it brings.

What does the Emperor tarot represent?

The Emperor signifies qualities in the masculine, these are, practicality, wisdom, problem solving and the need to protect. The Emperor is knowledgeable and he is a person who could offer us wise words and advice when needed. He is the opposite to The Empress, but both the masculine and feminine complement each other, the yin and yang.

What does it mean if you draw the Emperor in a reading?

When the Emperor is brought up in a tarot reading it could relate to a father figure. A person who is older, wiser and someone who can offer security. The Emperor could also indicate becoming a father or being a father figure.

When relating to a situation, the Emperor could be urging you to apply reason and logic to a situation. Now is the time to get organised and have a goal in your life. If you find yourself in a position of responsibility, do not be afraid to take the lead for the greater good, even if it appears harsh to other people.

The Emperor is a card that can offer success and accomplishment due to the powerful qualities it brings. It could also indicate a potential for coming into contact with officials and even being in a strong position in business or an employment capacity. The Latin phrase, ordo ab chao, that means order out of chaos relates to the Emperor. Law, order, rules and standards of behaviour connect to this card.

When drawn in a career reading, the Emperor indicates a job in a position of authority and power. This could be managerial, directorship or a career in law. This card could also indicate a career in the military or political field.

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