The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man

The Hanged ManKeywords: *Surrender *Perspective *Sacrifice *Waiting 

The Hanged Man Tarot Meaning

The Hanged Man is shown suspended with his right foot bound to the tree, we can see that his left foot is dangling free and bent at the knee tucked behind his right leg. His arms are held behind his back, thus forming an inverted triangle. He is hanging from the tree by his own accord and free will.

This is a card of submission and choice. The Hanged Man is wearing red trousers which represent passion and the body, his blue coat denotes knowledge, whilst his yellow shoes signify high ideals and aspirations. Around his head is a halo which signifies spiritual attainment.

What does the Hanged man represent?

When brought up in a reading the meaning of The Hanged man in tarot can represent surrendering yourself and sacrificing yourself for something greater. This card really highlights the need to break out of old patterns of behaviour that restrict you. It could also symbolise a need to let go and trust in something and to end the struggle and see things from a new perspective.

The Hanged Man tarot relationship indicates putting things on hold, or  it could represent one partner having a change of heart and a need to wait before taking action. It could also symbolise that in order to progress the relationship further, it is necessary to put each other first and to prioritise the relationship. Equally, it could denote waiting for circumstances to improve before making a commitment.

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