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The Hierophant

 ‘The HierophantKeywords: *Religion *Authority *Union *Marriage *Morality

The Hierophant tarot card meaning

The Hierophant tarot card connects to the fives in numerology. He is the masculine equal to the High Priestess and is connected to the astrological sign Taurus.

The Hierophant is a religious figure as well as a Shaman, he is a person that can access spiritual realms through rituals and trance. On the card, he is pictured in a formal religious environment in the Church, and this represents the cards connection to religion and authority. He is wearing three elaborate garments of his religious office that represent the three worlds. The Crown placed on his head are the three tiers of the holy trinity.

What does the Hierophant card represent?

The Hierophants right hand is raised in a blessing and this is in contrast with the Magician. The Magician was sourcing his power from the cosmos and bringing it to the earth. The Hierophant channels his energy through society and religious institutions. The triple scepter is the symbol of ruling over the three worlds. The crossed keys embody a balance between the conscious and subconscious.

The two initiates kneeled in front of the Hierophant represent unity. The Hierophant initiates the two in the church, allowing them to take up their appointed roles. The imagery represents entry into institutions, organisations and groups that share a common identity. This card is symbolic of rituals, formality and acceptance into groups.

What does it mean if you draw the Hierophant in a reading?

When the Hierophant tarot card is drawn in a relationship spread it is likely that you will get married or become engaged. You might find yourself in a moral dilemma, this card could be urging you to find a deeper meaning in your life.

If the the card represents a person, this individual will be educated, disciplined, traditional and they will be a person with high moral standards. Should you draw the card in a career reading, you will obtain a job in the field of cultural heritage, religion or teaching.

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