The Star tarot card meaning and full card description

The Star

The StarKeywords: *Hope *Illumination *Light *Intellect  

The Start Tarot Card Meaning

The Star tarot card is connected to the astrological sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. This sign correlates to the air element and the higher chakras of the body. This deals with thought, reflection, analysis and intellect. The card is symbolic of the higher faculties of the mind and our access to higher knowledge. The bird in the tree is ibis of thought which settles in the tree of the mind.

What does the Star card represent?

The Star card itself shows a naked woman, holding two containers with flowing water. This depicts a connection to source and intuition. One foot is on dry land and the other is resting on the water. This illustrates a connection to the earth and a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.

We see at the top of the card is the eight-pointed star, signifying north, south east and west. The number 8 in numerology is also connected to abundance and infinity. The land is also depicted as fertile and abundant.

The smaller stars that surround the large star is the seven main chakras of the body.

The water she pours with her right hand into the pool represents the depth of the subconscious and invisible worlds. Whereas the water she is pouring on the land is shallow. Thus, showing the limits that we face in the physical worlds. The waters are connected to each other. The water on land is streaming into the pond, symbolic of the inner and outer worlds.

The Star tarot card is about realising our connection to the cosmos, and our ability to access the divine and higher knowledge in life. It is a card of hope, optimism, and miracles. This is the card that reminds us of our connection to the celestial and heavenly bodies and forces of life.

It is the card of reason and the rational mind. It urges us to let go of the obsession with being in control constantly. If we let go occasionally and trust our intuition we can see synchronicities in our life, directing us along our path. Through this, we learn to trust our inner knowledge and intuition and we find our place in the cosmos.

What does it mean if you draw the Star card?

When the Star is brought up in a reading it relates to hope and faith in the future. It reminds us to let the invisible hand and intuition guide us in our thoughts and actions. Don’t focus on the physical world and striving for constant action. Having insight into a situation can guide us to where we want to be in life with less resistance.

This card is urging you to look at a situation with more depth. Because in the outer worlds we only see the surface of something. We don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. You need to look at something more deeply to gain clarity. Let the energy of love, light, and positivity run through you rather than resist a situation. From this what you want will arrive, have optimism. You can connect to the divine and have insights at any time by practicing being in the present moment.

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