The Tower tarot card meaning and the tarot card description

The Tower

The Tower TarotKeywords: *Destruction *Anger *Upheaval *Change

What does the Tower tarot card mean?

The Tower tarot card depicts destruction, we see people falling from the tower, terror and shock on their expressions.

The Tower itself is set on a mountain. The mountain appears uneven and does not show a solid foundation. Flames are bursting from the tower as lightning strikes. The Tower signifies darkness and destruction of the status quo. It also represents building something on weak foundations. This could be an ambition, a relationship, career or a project that you have been working towards.

The ruling planet for this card is Mars, which is the planet of action and war.

What does the Tower card represent?

The destruction of the Tower happens in a moment; we can see this is a shock to those that are fleeing the Tower. The bolt of lightning destroys the existing Tower, paving a way for new. The Tower signifies the realisation that something has been built on a false premise. The card could also represent someone who has fallen from their ivory tower and has come back down to earth.

Whatever you were working towards was built on an illusion. It was not sustainable. You were either ignorant to this or were naive. The positive you can take from the card is starting again with knowledge and experience. You can now build on stronger foundations.

When drawn in a reading the Tower means upheaval and a sudden change in life, experiencing crises and chaos. Something significant has been realised and is out in the open. Now is the time to learn from your past mistakes and be humbled. It’s important to move forward and create something new and better in your life.

All images in this article are courtesy of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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