The Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning and image.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune tarot

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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card connects to the number ten. The number ten is a lucky number and is related to changes in life. It also resonates with success, creativity, determination, optimism and individualism. The planet Jupiter is also connected to this card which is the planet of opportunity, growth, success, and development. There is a strong connection in this card to mastery and balance.

What does the Wheel of Fortune card represent?

The symbol of the four elements and the signs of the zodiac represents balance. The angel in the top left corner is symbolic of the astrological sign of Aquarius and is air. The eagle is Scorpio, which is governed by water. The lion is Leo, which connects to fire. The bull is Taurus and connects to the earth element. The astrological signs are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, yet they have wings which denote stability through change and movement.

The book of Torah is included in this card as it represents wisdom. The snake descending on the left side of the Wheel is the Egyptian god Typhon and is representative of life force energy that flows into the material world.

We see another connection to the four alchemical symbols in the middle wheel which contains, mercury, sulphur, water and salt. The building blocks of life and the four elements. The outer circle signifies the material world. Whilst the eight spokes in the wheel represent the Universal energy.

When brought up in a reading the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is indicative of positive prospects for the future. A one off opportunity will be coming your way, so take advantage of this. This is a card that signifies a change in fortune and new developments.

If the card is drawn in a career reading, it is urging you to get perspective in your job or business and expand your outlook. This is now a time for discovering your purpose and role.

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