King of Cups tarot card meaning and tarot card description.

King of Cups

King of Cups tarot card meaning

The King of Cups sits proudly on his throne. His calm demeanour is evident as he sits peacefully amid a turbulent sea.

The fish amulet around his neck is a symbol of spirit and creativity. Representing the balance of the conscious with the unconscious. The fish is also connected to the astrological sign Pisces and the water element. It represents all that is hidden, in the inner worlds. Our intuition and emotions.

Behind the King on his right, another fish jumps out from the rough sea. On his left, a ship sails steadily throughout this turmoil. These images are symbolic of the unconscious breaking through, yet this does not overwhelm him. The King has mastered the ability to deal with his unconscious impulses without having to repress his emotions.

What does the King of Cups tarot card represent?

When representing a person, the King of Cups is emotionally mature.  He is someone who has acquired significant life experience and is wise. This person has a deep grasp of human nature, they are a kind soul who teaches through loving attention. They know what others need and they can see the bigger picture and are highly intuitive in nature.

The King of Cups, like other Kings, can see a situation from a broader perspective because of their life experience. They can foresee events and can guide and advise others when making life changing decisions. This is a person that you would go to during periods of crisis. They can guide you on matters in your career and in relationships.

When relating to a situation, the universe could be urging you to apply the qualities of the King of Cups card in your current situation. In a crisis stay calm and be diplomatic. Come at the situation from a different angle. Instead of obsessing over your own needs learn to help other less fortunate people whenever you can. This will lead to emotional fulfillment.

This card could also symbolise taking a job or starting a career that involves working closely with others. Including becoming a healer, either in conventional medicine or through holistic approaches. It could indicate becoming a therapist, a volunteer, nursing, caring or starting a career in the medical profession.

All images in this article are courtesy of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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