Page of Pentacles tarot card meaning and image from Rider Waite.

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles tarot card meaning and description

The Page of Pentacles or the Princess of Pentacles depicts a young man standing alone. He is holding one pentacle with both hands. Behind him are lush trees, the background emanates a warm yellow tone. Suggesting a peaceful moment that is spent planning for the future. To the left of the Page there is a field of abundance and harvest.

The Page of Pentacles, like all pages of suits, is symbolic of new beginnings and inspiration. The pentacles correlate to the element of earth. In this sense the coin the Page holds symbolises awareness of the value of material needs such as food, home comforts and money. But this card is not to be confused with greed and an unhealthy obsession with material possessions. He is holding the coin tentatively and gently and he appreciates what he has been given.

What does the Page of Pentacles represent?

This is a card that connects to the positive aspects of materialism. It urges us to appreciate that which has been given to us. The Page of Pentacles encompasses the importance of a healthy attitude towards the material realm. Be aware of the material gifts that have been given to us.

If you have drawn this card in a tarot reading, this may signify a new phase in your life. Your life is now filled with creative pursuits. You could receive positive news about money and investments and you will receive small financial gains.

This card could also be urging you to put things into place for your future. Get things in motion to seek success. At this moment, the universe is on your side and will support and guide you.

This card could also represent trustworthiness. You will find an effective solution for someone and they will hold you in high regard. You will be perceived as dependable and that you stand by your commitments.

When representing another person in your life, the Page symbolises someone that is self-reliant, studios and good natured. This is a person that you can depend on through the good and bad times. Their actions are consistent with their words and they are very secure individuals.

All images in this article are courtesy of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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