Page of Swords tarot card meaning and full card description.

Page of Swords

page-of-swordsPage of Swords tarot card meaning and card description

The Page of Swords, sometimes known as the Princess of Swords, relates to either a young male or a female.

The card displays a youthful man who is standing strong and upright during the windy weather. The sky is filled with clouds, and the trees in the background of the card are blowing in the wind. The seas behind the man are rough and turbulent. The card emanates a real sense of power and strength through the terrain. Someone who can withstand a lot mentally and still stand strong. This is an individual who can be clear and precise during conflict.

Because of their mental strength, the Page of Swords is someone who takes a detached view of life. Although this outlook can be of benefit when an objective view is required in a situation. It can sometimes prevent the individual from experiencing a rich and in-depth experience of life along with its passions.

What does the Page of Swords represent?

The Page of Swords is a disconnected individual, someone who is on the outside looking in. Because of this, to others, they may appear aloof, cold, distant and heartless.

If this resonates with you, this card could be urging you to work on developing your relationships with others. You could practice this by becoming aware of how you interact with people and understanding or realising when your detached view is helpful and when it isn’t.

This card could also relate to another individual who is presently in your life. You might already be connected to them or you are in the process of communicating with them. If this is an individual, they will be intelligent and will possess an analytical mindset. This person enjoys debating and sharing in-depth conversations. You might find it difficult to connect with this person on an emotional level rather than intellectual.

When relating to a situation drawing this card indicates that you will go through a period of study and learning. The subjects that you will learn will be of an intellectual nature and will be mentally stimulating. This could be mathematics, science, politics, law and philosophy.

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