Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Five of Pentacles

5-of-pentaclesFive of Pentacles Tarot

The Five of Pentacles Tarot, is sometimes known as the Five of Coins. The card shows five pentacles on the stained glass on a church window.

The card is based in a winter setting with snow. There are two people walking together in the cold weather. They are both poorly dressed. One of them appears to be injured or disabled with his crutch.

Even with the bleak setting of the card, the two individuals both have each other. This is quite a significant meaning in the Five of Coins.

What does the Five Pentacles mean?

Are you feeling like you are on the outside of a situation and looking in? Perhaps you feel ostracized lately. If so, the Five of Pentacles could be urging you to look more closely at your relationships. There is a significant person that you can rely on during this difficult period.

The fives can also indicate some form of change or loss. The pentacles are associated with the material world. Bringing these two meanings together indicates that the Five of Pentacles represents some form of financial hardship or material loss.

The traditional meaning of the Five of Coins represents poverty. But by looking at the cards broader meaning, the aspect of loss can be applied to different situations. For instance, this card appearing in a reading could indicate that you have lost someone close to you. Are you going through a divorce, or a lost relationship? If so, you might now be experiencing the financial hardships from this separation.

When relating to health, the Five of Pentacles could be urging you to take better care of yourself. You could be working too hard at the cost of your health. Both mental and physical.

Alternatively, when drawn in a career reading the Five of Pentacles could represent losing your job. Although this might result in upheaval and loss, you can recover from this. We can all experience periods in our lives that are chaotic and seem out of our control, but it is often through this upheaval that we grow.

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