Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Pentacles

4-of-pentaclesTarot Four of Pentacles

The Tarot Four of Pentacles, is sometimes known as the Four of Coins. The card shows a man who is seated and he is wearing a crown.

His feet are also resting on two pentacles and he holds one in his arms. The Four of Pentacles Tarot also displays a pentacle on his crown. There is a busy City set in the background. Symbolic of materialism.

The man on the Four of Pentacles does not give any indication that he is royalty. Apart from the Crown on his head. Which is placed there for functionality purposes.

His clothing appears to be practical, rather than stylish. The Tarot Four of Pentacles depicts someone who is bound, rather than free. His hands are tightly gripping the central pentacle. The pentacles that are surrounding him represent being bound by possessions. The Four of Pentacles is holding onto to his possessions because they give him a sense of security. The four coins are more of a burden rather than a help.

Though owning these pentacles could indicate that this a wealthy person. The way in which he is holding the pentacles tells another story. It reveals a person who is insecure and someone who places their worth in material objects. The Four of Pentacles indicates a lack of trust in the world.

Four of Pentacles meaning

Drawing the Four of Pentacles in a Tarot reading could represent a time for saving. But, the negative to this is a tendency to hoard. You may be going through a period of hoarding and possessiveness. The card indicates a reliance on possessions for happiness.

When not relating to money, the Four of Coins can indicate a need to be in control. This could represent you or a person in your life. It’s either their way, or no way at all.

The Tarot Four of Pentacles also represents a strong desire to keep everything as is. Doing anything to maintain the status quo. As well as refusing to look at a situation from a new perspective. If this sounds like you at the moment, stop resisting change. Challenge yourself and try something new, this could be a hobby, or building new friendships.

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