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Six of Pentacles

6-of-pentaclesSix of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Six of Pentacles is sometimes known as the 6 of Coins. The card shows a man with scales. The 6 of Pentacles is giving money to two people. But before giving the coins he is using the scales to ensure that the money is given equally.

The scales in the 6 of Pentacles also connect to the Justice card in the Major Arcana. It represents balance, justice and fairness.

We see on the card that he is wearing a beret and a red cloak. These are regal attire and represent his wealthy status.

The two beggars who are the beneficiaries of the charitable act appear to be grateful and accepting of the generous act. This is important because it represents gratitude and humbleness.

What does the 6 of Pentacles mean?

The Six of Pentacles encompasses the principle of Wiccan Law of Threefold Return. This means that whatever good deeds that we have done, we will get back in return and more than we imagined.

If you have been generous in your past through acts of kindness, by being generous with your time or money to other people, this will be given back to you. You could now be experiencing the results of your past deeds and it is a beneficial time for you. The 6 of Pentacles is a card that indicates the process of giving and receiving benefits.

If this does not resonate with you at present, the Six of Pentacles could mean that you will find yourself involved in a philanthropist project. Do you volunteer, or perhaps you are thinking about volunteering?

It could also indicate that you will be given a gift from someone. This could be through a will or as an act of kindness, either way accept the gift as it will have been given to you as a result of your positive past actions.

Drawing the Six of Pentacles could mean that if you have been going through a divorce, your assets will be divided fairly. Due to the cards connection to the Justice card, if you have been in a legal battle or financial dispute, the decision will be made fairly.

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