Two of Cups tarot card meaning

Two of Cups

2 of CupsTwo of Cups Tarot card meaning

The Two of Cups shows a man and a woman exchanging two cups, this is a union and an exchange of hearts.

The Two of Cups tarot card relates to a union and a coming together, soul mates and love. The Two of Cups is a suit that is connected to the element of water, which relates to feeling, emotional bonds and healing.

The exchange of cups in this card denotes an exchanging of hearts and a wedding ceremony with the caduceus of Hermes between them.

The two snakes, (the caduceus) that are intertwined has deep connections with the union of opposites, negotiation, duality and balance. In the Two of Cups tarot card, a caduceus is sending a positive signal of new partnerships, new relationships and mutual respect.

At the top of the caduceus, we see the lion which signifies fire, energy and sexual attraction and passion between lovers.

The focus of the Two of Cups is the meaning of hearts and creative blessings. Receiving this card in a reading could indicate that you are in the throes of a new and passionate relationship, or that you are about to meet someone that you will share a deep bond with.

It could also indicate that a marriage is on the cards soon and that you will be celebrating this union.

Drawing the Two of Cups in a reading could also indicate that friendship or business partnership relations will good, it is a symbol of trusting relationships and a successful union. Your partners and friendships will now move to a new positive stage of growth.

Love is a healing force between all, receiving this card in a reading could also be drawing your attention to this, denoting the need to cooperate and to use the power of this card to heal your relationships.

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