Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Tarot 2 of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

2-of-pentaclesTarot 2 of Pentacles

The Tarot 2 of Pentacles is sometimes known as the Two of Coins. The card shows a man that is holding two gold pentacles with a band or strap. The strap crosses itself equally and it forms a lemniscate. This is known as the “infinity” symbol.

The Two of Pentacles is raising his left foot. He is staring at his left arm and his head is tilted. The clothes that he is wearing appear to be more costume like. In the background of the card there is a calm blue sky. But, the sea behind him is unpredictable. The waves are moving from one extreme to the next.

The Two of Coins is standing on gray solid ground. This is important. The ground appears to be a blank canvas. He can be creative and do as he pleases, because he has a strong foundation in life. Even with all of the chaos that goes on behind him.

The hat that the 2 of Pentacles is wearing represents intuition and tapping into universal consciousness. Because the pentacles represent the Earth element, the 2 of Pentacles relate to materialism and wealth. But there is a playfulness to this card. The infinity symbol represents a balance of the material world. It symbolises the continuous reinvestment of a persons financial gains and passions. Furthermore, it represents balancing in a positive way.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Meaning

Finding the Two of Pentacles upright in your reading is a positive sign. It indicates that you have been able to keep all areas in your life in balance of late. You have been coping well with demands.

You may have found yourself in a position of multi-tasking, and now you will be able to move forward with less elements to balance in your life.

The 2 of Pentacles could also represent being flexible. You might now find yourself in a position which is pushing you to open up to new possibilities and developments. Though this might feel challenging at first. The Two of Pentacles show that you will adapt quickly and positively to this change. Now is the time to go with the flow.

This card could also indicate that you are now doing something that you enjoy. This could be taking the time out to have fun with friends. Or that you are seeing things from a new perspective, and seeing the funny side to a situation.

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