Tarot Card Spells of Magic

Tarot Card Spells of Magic

Tarot Card Spells

If you are thinking of using Tarot for magic, read on further. Tarot cards have been in circulation for hundreds of years, if not more if we are to believe the accounts from the Egyptians.

The Tarot deck utilises evocative symbols that connect deep into our subconscious, through symbols. These symbols can lead to a deep emotional response and connection within us. A bit like hypnosis, in effect you are training your brain, providing instructions to your subconscious through symbols and imagery within the tarot.

Using Tarot for magic

We hear about different forms of magic being practised from dark to light magic and often, we associate this occult practice with that of the darker side of magic. But that is not completely accurate, as we can use magic or the Tarot for magic as a means to manifest goodness in our lives.

Tarot Card Spells of Maic

Dark magic has its connotations with manipulating other people for someone’s own gain or having an influence over their will. Whereas white magic, doesn’t involve this, you are not manipulating other people’s will, you are influencing your own subconscious and surroundings to bring into being, that which you desire.

Do you need to be an expert on the Tarot to do Tarot spells?

No, you don’t have to be a sorcerer or a magician, or a Tarot expert! In fact, no one is immune from learning the Tarot or using them for their own goals. For the more complex or avid tarot enthusiast, there are more complicated spells out there to learn, which goes beyond the scope of this article and are usually referred under the hermetic teachings, or Alistair Crowley’s teaching and the Kabbalah. All three have stemmed from accounts of Solomon’s Temple. But you can still perform a Tarot spell with little knowledge of the Tarot, you just need the right tools.

How can I perform a Tarot spell?

Firstly, get yourself a Tarot book or a spell, you will also need to single out what you want out of the spell. For instance, do you want to perform a Tarot spell for money? or a Tarot spell for love? A highly recommend book for Tarot spells for the beginner is the Tarot Spells book by Janina Renee. There is a collection of Tarot spells in this book, with full instructions. But remember, it is a combination of a desire, will, and intent that is the magic in the Tarot spell.

Chose a time, preferably an evening to perform the spell. Ensure that you do this alone and with peace and quiet, you need your full concentration when performing a Tarot spell if you are serious about the results!

For a more potent effect, it’s better to perform a Tarot magic spell on a full moon.

Gather your tools to perform the spell, firstly, you will need the correct Tarot cards. Because each Tarot card that you use will connect to that which you desire from your spell. If you were performing a Tarot spell for love, then you would use the Two of Cups for union and the Lovers, along with other cards to complement the spell.

Usually, you will need a set-up, such as a place and a table with a tablecloth or a piece of material in the colour that correlates to the spell. Candles, gemstones and burning incense all can be used when performing a Tarot spell to create a more powerful atmosphere.

Once you are all set up and you have chosen your spell, you have the tools to hand and you are ready to perform your Tarot spell! Once complete, keep what you have wished for to yourself, don’t disclose it. Try and forget it and do other things. One day, when you least expect it you will start to see the results of your spell manifesting in your life!

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